Common plantain, thyme


New generation of natural solutions

  • Alliviates strong, hoarse cough.

  • Dissolves phlegm.

  • Reduces inflammation, eases pain.

  • Impedes multiplication of pathogens.

Hoarse cough? Goodbye forever!



Common plantain (plantago lanceolata) grows on meadows, fields and roads all over the world. It is a helpful remedy to cure respiratory illnesses. It creates a protective coat on the mucous membrane of the throat and eases the inflammation. Due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory quality it effectively reduces cough and stops the irritation. It dissolves phlegm and is as such used as an expectorant. All parts of the plant have healing powers, its roots, its stem and its flower as well. The common plantain can be used in pediatrics.


The thyme (thymus vulgaris) is not only a tasteful spice but is one of the most popular herbs in traditional medicine. It is used mainly to cure diphtheria, bronchitis and flue but can also be applied to strengthen our immune system. Its essential oil is a great antiseptic for the respiratory system but works as an expectorant and relaxant as well. The drug thyme herba is being extracted from the plant’s purple or dark red flower and is used for pharmaceutical purposes and contains essential oil, resin, tanning agent and other important components. The essential oil mainly consists of thymol which is a widely used raw material for medicines and provides the thyme’s strong aroma and antiseptic quality.


For adults and children over 3 taking 1 pastille every 2-3 hours during the day or dissolving it in warm fluid and sipping it slowly. If the symptoms still remain after more than 3 days contact your doctor!


Keep away from children!
Keep the product in a dry and cool place (5-15°C, max. 50% humidity).
Protect from warmth, sunlight and moisture even if it is still in the box.
Do not use the product if the package is damaged.
Don’t consume the product after the expiration date.
The shape of the product can change and it can melt if it is kept over 15°C.
Once the box is open, use the product in 3 days.


Do not use the product if you are allergic to any of its components.
Do not use it under the age of 3.
Give the pastille to children and individuals with swallowing problems with increased precaution since they can easily choke.
The product contains natural carbohydrates. Not recommended for diabetics.
The color of Floney Honey Pastille can vary from light yellow to dark amber according
to the collecting place and types of honey.