Frequently Asked Questions

Is Floney ® really only made of honey with the addition of herbs?

Yes, Floney ® is made entirely of Hungarian honey and bears additional herbs to achieve the requested curing effect for each symptom. It doesn’t contain any artificial aromas, preservatives or other added substances.

Are you using any chemical substances during the process of creating solid honey?

Thanks to the innovative technology developed by Spive Pharma it is possible to produce solid honey out of fluid honey without the addition of any chemical substance. Therefore the solid honey is 100% Hungarian honey and Floney products can be consumed by those as well who only trust natural healing methods.

Which illnesses can be treated with Floney ®?

It is mainly recommended as a natural remedy to ease the symptoms of a head-cold or the flue but can also be used as a complementary treatment in case of illnesses that go with sore throat, runny nose etc.

Which symptoms can be treated with Floney ®?

Floney® is available in 5 different flavors. The herbs’ active principles act as natural antibiotics and help to overcome the 5 symptoms of a common cold: anti- inflammatory, expectorant, antitussive, antiseptic and decongestant.

Is Floney ® a Hungarian product?

Yes, Floney® is a Hungarian product made of 100% Hungarian honey according to the idea of Hungarian pharmacists.