Lemon, iceland moss


New generation of natural solutions

  • Soothes dry cough.

  • Eases the necessity to cough.

  • Alliviates the irritation of the mucous membrane.

  • Reduces inflammation.

Sleep-through night without dry cough? Thank you iceland moss!



The lemon is the big gun. It plays an important role both in gastronomy and health care. Originally discovered in India it now is a common plant all over the world and is being cultivated in several places such as Southern Europe, Australia, California and Florida. The lemon tree can grow up to 5 m and brings fruit throughout the year and is therefore available at all times. It became a popular remedy to prevent head-colds due to its high vitamin C content but it is also rich in bioflavones. Thanks to the latter it helps the purification of the blood and the regeneration of the blood vessels. It also increases salivation and prevents tympanitis. When drinking lemonade you can experience how lemon makes you feel less thirsty.


Iceland moss (cetraria islandica) is being re-discovered nowadays although it has been a popular medicine in the 17 th century. It can be found in great quantity in the mountains of Northern Europe and Iceland. It is being collected in late summer or during the autumn and is then being dried slowly in a dark place so that it doesn’t lose any of its valuable properties. The healing power of the Iceland moss is exceptional. It contains lichenin and therefore protects the mucous membrane from external irritation and eases dry cough. It is a great anti-inflammatory and a great source for vitamin B1, boron and iodine. It contains cetrarin which makes it a good appetizer and thanks to its emetin content is able to help to cure amoebic dysentery.
USE For adults and children over 3 taking 1 pastille every 2-3 hours during the day or dissolving it in warm fluid and sipping it slowly. If the symptoms still remain after more than 3 days contact your doctor!
STORAGE Keep away from children! Keep the product in a dry and cool place (5-15°C, max. 50% humidity). Protect from warmth, sunlight and moisture even if it is still in the box. Do not use the product if the package is damaged. Don’t consume the product after the expiration date. The shape of the product can change and it can melt if it is kept over 15°C. Once the box is open, use the product in 3 days.
SPECIAL WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS Do not use the product if you are allergic to any of its components. Do not use it under the age of 3. Give the pastille to children and individuals with swallowing problems with increased precaution since they can easily choke. The product contains natural carbohydrates. Not recommended for diabetics. The color of Floney Honey Pastille can vary from light yellow to dark amber according to the collecting place and types of honey.